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The Fall season of movies is a highly anticipated time for moviegoers for several reasons. As the start of the annual foray into a new season of film festivals and contenders for award shows, people are always looking for that notable release to stand above all others. Fall is an exciting time for independent films that would otherwise have to compete with summer blockbusters or Christmas-themed films. Even in this age of social distancing, there can still be films to look forward to in the privacy of one’s home, either through streaming channels or in rental form.

Whether it be in book or video form, people crave the nonfiction genre because they have a fascination with seeing the things humans are capable of. For this reason, documentaries are always a huge draw. Even better, when a documentary is combined with riveting storytelling, attention-holding cinematography, and an empathetic cast, it can be nearly impossible to turn away from, even if the subject matter is unpleasant. One film that already has people talking is the story of an elderly man who goes undercover into a nursing home to investigate claims of abuse. The Mole Agent follows 83-year old Sergio as he tries to do his job, while also unintentionally making new friends. 

Continuing with the espionage theme, people are anxiously awaiting Tenet, the next film to come from genius Christopher Nolan, who has already secured legacy status with previous films such as Dunkirk, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Inception. His latest venture combines another cult-like subject – time travel – and the use of it to try eliminating horrors of history. 

Family-friendly movies that cater to both the young and the old are usually a crowd-pleaser. When animated Disney hits are turned into live-action remakes, the anticipation is palpable. Mulan was the blockbuster Disney hit of 1998 and the kids who grew up loving the film are now getting the opportunity to show it to their own children. In addition, highlighting the talent of the  Asian-American community in Hollywood has been a growing trend that has been well-received.  The streaming Disney+ channel is the perfect medium to showcase this release in September for families who are still mostly confined at home.