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We have all heard the term producer thrown about in Hollywood. A movie can have several producers and even an executive producer or two. If a project can have more than one producer, how important can the title be? Very important. The title of producer carries a lot of weight because there are a lot of responsibilities tied to it. A person who comes up with the idea for the project doesn’t necessarily get the title or credit. A producer is the person who starts the project, starting with the script for the movie. From there, the producer is in charge of setting all of the other pieces in place to get the movie up and running. He (or she) in charge of a number of duties, such as: 


  1. Get funding, which means securing investors. 
  2. Secure the project rights by purchasing them. 
  3. Set a budget and employ measures to stay within it. 
  4. Hire key personnel (e.g. managers and actors).
  5. Create a schedule for the entire project from filming to marketing.
  6. Oversee post-production, which covers editing, voice work, music score and picture lock. 


Essentially, a movie producer gets the project ready for production and ensures everything is done on time and on budget. Aside from a movie producer, there are other types of producers, such as music and video. With each medium, there are different duties. For example, a music producer is in charge of producing a recording artist’s album or single. A video producer produces videos for a range of industries or corporations. The logistics, communications and legal issues differ for each industry. 


Movie producers wear many hats and must deal with a number of problems from fixing props to dealing with injuries on set. The job duties have changed quite a bit from when the first movie was produced in the late 1870s. As technology advanced, producing a movie became a bigger production. Computers came into the picture along with new special effects makeup and cameras. Budgets exploded due to many factors, including insurance, actors’ salaries, and CGI. Often, actors move into the movie producer role. They are passionate about a project, whether their own or someone else’s, and want to bring it to life through film. Also, an actor will star in the movie he (or she) is producing. 


As the movie industry changes, so does the title of movie producer. It is an exhaustive but rewarding experience. It is certainly an accomplishment to watch a movie that you have produced, no matter the size of the budget or cast. It will be interesting to see the changes that emerge with this title in the next decade.